Moelbanc Stud

Moelbanc Stud was set up eight years ago with the aim of breeding typical old fashioned Section A Welsh Mountain ponies which are hardy, full of stamina, good tempered and with a leg at each corner. These ponies will make lovely children’s or driving ponies.

The Stud does not take visiting mares, but a couple of friends keep their ponies with Felicity and they run with the herd and are part of Teddy or Midas’ harem.  The breeding herd is kept in as natural a way as possible, so both Teddy and Midas run with a group of mares each all the time. This year there are mares without foals who are part of the herd, and this has worked well with extra nannies helping out.

The Stud’s policy is not to put mares in foal until they are at least four years old to give them the chance to mature physically and mentally.

Once foals have been weaned they stay in through their first winter and are then turned out onto the ‘banc’ with other young stock and barren mares in the spring. They are then left to enjoy themselves and be part of a herd with ponies of differing ages.
On occasion foals and young stock come up for sale. These will be listed on the website as they come available.

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