Coedbach Sophistication

 – WPCS Licence: 5752 – Born 8 July 1994    

Teddy arrived at Moelbanc Stud in October 2010 when he walked down the ramp, looked around him and said ”I’m here and where is my food!’.  He has been an absolute gentleman everyday since then and is thoroughly enjoying his new role in his latter years.

This is what Teddy was up to when he lived in Melton Mowbray:

section A stallion ridden

Blaston 1st in Welsh class
Blaston M&M Champion
Market Bosworth 3rd under saddle
Five Ways 2nd
East of England 3rd
Derby County 6th
Deeping 6th
Midland Welsh Pony and Cob 4th
Leicester County 5th
Finalist Ponies UK Millenium Award M&M

In addition he did regular minimus jumping at local shows as well as jumping at home. He also drove and did pony and trap rides for charity at a local steam fair.

In his new life he loves living with his harem and spends hours playing with the colt foals.

He has the most amazing temperament and, without fail, everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

Briolen Midas

Midas has spent most of his life out on the hills in North Wales.  He came to Moelbanc Stud in October 2016 and established himself very quickly.  He is an absolute gentleman and very easy to do.
In August 2017 he went to his first show with us and thoroughly enjoyed himself, so he went to a few more!
His show record so far is as follows~
Chapel Bangor Show:  2nd Section A Stallion, 2nd Palomino
Tregaron Show:  1st Section A Stallion
Bont Show:  1st Section A Stallion, 1st Palomino
Talybont:  2nd Section A Stallion
Llangeitho:  1st Section A Stallion, 1st Palomino
Ceredigion Welsh Pony & Cob Association:  Highest points in local agricultural shows – Section A Stallion
Midas is a strong colour and his passport is now over stamped with The Palomino Society.
We are delighted with his first crop of foals this summer. He will also be attending the prestigious Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd this year (2018), for which we are all very excited to take him to and show him off!