Moelbanc Stud is owned and run by Felicity Wills (aka Fliss or Fil Wills) who moved to Moelfryn in 1985 and fell in love with everything.

The farm faces Cardigan Bay and is situated on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains with a banc rising to over 1000′ above sea level.

Fliss has owned horses and ponies for over 45 years and her grandfather bred Cleveland Bay horses in the late 1800’s and for the last 20 years she followed in his footsteps. In her retirement years she has downsized and has now completely fallen in love with Section A Welsh Mountain Ponies, whom she has been breeding successfully for the past 8 years.

The Welsh Mountain pony stud started with the purchase of 2 in foal foundation mares from the Fayre Oaks Section A/Section B sale in 2009.

Her Section A Welsh Mountain Pony stallion Coedbach Sophistication, aka Teddy, arrived in the late autumn of the following year.  He has impeccable Coed Coch blood lines, a fabulous temperament and has been ridden, driven and shown. Now in his latter years he still covers mares at the stud, who’s foals have all inherited his wonderfully endearing temperament, and a few of whom can be seen out on the local show circuit and are doing very well in Section A classes both as foals and later as yearlings and 2yr olds.

In October 2016 Fliss purchased a new Stallion, Briolen Midas.  A striking Palomino. Another stunning example of the section A Mountain pony breed, standing smaller than Teddy but who is just as impeccable in blood lines and temperament. His first foals, Moelbanc Jenga, a colt, Moelbanc Mouse trap, filly, and Moelbanc Guess Who another colt, were born recently in the  summer of 2018.  All showing signs of becoming very beautiful ponies and following in their father’s footsteps as far as his loving temperament is concerned.

Fliss can be found enjoying the local shows with her showing team, and wonderful ponies and realising a long term ambition for her stud, will be attending the prestigious Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd, this year (2018) with the beautiful Briolen Midas.